Project: Open Source Software for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Creating an interoperable software suite for intelligent transportation systems (ITS) research and deployment.


The objective of the project is to develop an overall architecture for various open-source initiatives that government has to make these work seamlessly together and to facilitate deployment of Connected and Automated technology by infrastructure owners and operators. The goal is to develop a framework of data flows, data exchanges, and interfaces that are based on standards and best practices that will allow CAV information to be shared between all components of transportation infrastructure and nomadic devices including those in vehicles. A common backlog will be developed at the epic level to prevent duplication and encourage reuse of code where possible.


Open Source Software for Intelligent Transportation Systems (OSS4ITS) is an ecosystem that advances the deployment of interoperable transportation systems. The software suite provides infrastructure owner operators (IOOs), software companies, and device manufacturers a clear picture of the available open source software tools for both technical and business audiences.


OSS4ITS will present and integrate open-source software projects that develop key components of an interoperable ITS deployment, and show how they map to the physical ITS architecture. The deployer will utilize OSS4ITS to determine which tools can be reused for their deployment, which tools need to be augmented, and whether additional tools need to be developed. OSS4ITS will encourage integration of open-source software into existing deployments, and contribute back to the open software suite to accelerate future deployments.


CARMASM Platform

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) developed the innovative CARMA PlatformSM to encourage collaboration with the goal of improving transportation efficiency and safety. FHWA's interest in advancing transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) strategies with automated driving technology is focused on how infrastructure can move traffic more efficiently.

CARMA Platform Resources:

Vehicle-to-Everything Hub (V2X Hub)

The V2X Hub builds on existing open source software (OSS) applications for communication among all parts of a connected deployment including vehicles, infrastructure, pedestrians, cyclists, and emergency services to create an interoperable software environment for V2X research and deployment.  

V2X Hub Resources:

Operational Data Environment (ODE)

The ITS Operational Data Environment (ODE) is a real-time virtual data router that ingests and processes operational data from various connected devices – including vehicles, infrastructure, and traffic management centers – and distributes the data to other devices and subscribing transportation management applications. Using the ITS ODE within intelligent transportation deployments increases data fluidity and interoperability while meeting operational needs and protecting user privacy. The software’s microservices architecture makes it easier to add new capabilities to meet local needs.    

ODE Resources:

Secure Data Commons (SDC)

The Secure Data Commons (SDC) is a cloud-based analytics platform that enables traffic engineers, researchers, and data scientists to access transportation-related datasets. The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) created the SDC to provide a secure platform for sharing and collaborating on research, tools, algorithms, and analysis involving moderate sensitivity level (personally identifiable information and confidential business information) datasets using commercially available tools, without needing to install tools or software locally.

SDC Resources:


Deborah Curtis
Highway Research Engineer, FHWA


Sudhakar Nallamothu
Project Manager

Jayashree Iyengar
Principal Investigator